For the Love of the Beer

Robert had a typical life, lovely wife, three kids, a house, and a job as an IT Consultant. But Rob’s never been an ordinary guy; he’s always had an affinity for the extra ordinary. At home he would make gourmet meals and his wine selections rivaled the best wine connoisseurs. When it came to beer he was no different, always on the hunt for new and different beers with a palate for the deliciously rare.

His sister Jenna and her husband Jimmy Langley gifted him a brew kit one Christmas and Robert began brewing at home. Like everything in his life the passion turned into a methodical quest for the finest and rarest beers around. With a meticulous brew schedule that he stuck to religiously he developed and perfected beers in his backyard.

Eventually, he began to enter home brew competitions. Again, Robert is no ordinary home brewer he quickly won first place for IPA in a Pizza Port homebrew competition, first place along with his friend Ryan Reschan at Stone’s 2013 American Homebrew Association Competition and first and third place at KarlStrauss 2014 Pro-Am Brewing Contest. Turns out that Rob has the dedication, passion, and the discerning taste buds to make award-winning beers.

Family and friends began to take notice and realize that they had a gem on their hands and that given the opportunity Robert would turn anything into a success. James Langley, Robert’s brother in-law who is a visionary, began pitching the idea around town. James (or Jimmy as he is known to friends and family) is one of the most well connected businessmen in San Diego and will no doubt be a mogul before he retires. He recently won SD Metro’s Top 40 Under 40 award. Jimmy and his long time business partner Scott Dickson decided they would fund Robert’s first brewery.

At first the idea was to start small do it in a warehouse and build it slowly. However, with Jimmy and Scott’s connections they soon ran into the entertainment gurus Mina Desiderio and Brendan Huffman whom together have opened 6 successful restaurants. Soon they had a much bigger project on their hands with 24 investors and a 10bbl brew house that is now Resident Brewing.

Robert is not quite living the dream yet. In true Robert fashion, he kept his day joband brews at night and on weekends. His weeks are grueling 90-hour workweeks that few people could sustain for long but most people are not Robert. His pursuit and love for the best beers are his motivation. So when he is brewing until 1 or 2 am often with his father by his side (who has become his best brew assistant) it is truly for the love of the beer.

Robert is building something great, something extra ordinary and like all great things it takes passion, dedication, and a lot of late nights. Robert we salute you, with a Vacation Coconut IPA. Cheers!